This is the best way to win at sports betting


Since sports betting and gambling in general used to bedevised, bettors have been trying to find out the most acceptable way of turning the odds in their favour and win reliably. During, countless more interesting แทงบอลออนไลน์ strategies and systems have been discovered, but in conclusion, it has been clinched that any system has its faults.

Where do most of the bettors begin playing online sports betting? Find out now!

In current years, the only way to assureeven a harmlessrevenue on betting has been revealed, viz. arbitrage (sure bets), but this way of playing also has countless weaknesses, there is no perfect betting method, but there are better methods and less good methods. And if you take an excellentway and adapt it to your style of play, then it can carry very decent results in time.

Why are other methods not effective in the long term?

Suppose that in a year, you choose 1,000 predictions of odds 1.90, ie predictions with real chances of winning 50%.

Let’s imagine three ways to bet:

Method 1: single bets with a stake of 100ron / bet.

Method 2:  multiple bets with 5 selections each, on a stake of 100ron / bet.

Method 3:  bets in martingale system, with a budget of 3,200ron and a starting stake of 100ron / the first bet.

Suppose that out of the 1,000 bets, you manage to win 600, and see how you could handle each case.

Betting in the martingale system, with a budget of 3,100ron and a starting stake of 100ron / first bet

To facilitate the calculations, this time,you can use a odds of 2.00 instead of 1.90, so a favourable martingale system. After each lost bet, the stake must be doubled (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600), which means that each winning bet will make up for all we lost in the previous ones and bring a profit of 100ron. That means we can even make a profit of 60,000ron (600 * 100), which is very cool, right? It’s just that there’s a small problem, a bigger one. At no time should we catch more than four losing bets in a row, as the 5th losing bet would result in losing the entire original bank.







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