Offsite SEO – Building High Quality Back Links

Offsite SEO (search engine optimization) is all about back links! While onsite SEO will only take your site so far, offsite SEO can put your site on page one of the serps (search engine results page.) A very good place to be if traffic (and the money making opportunities that come with traffic) is your goal!

Backlinks come in many forms, and importance in the eyes of the search engines. So how does one go about getting these one way links and which are the best to go after? Here’s a list of methods I use to get generate links back to my blog, pretty much starting with the best and working my way down: 구글광고대행

Completely “natural” back links-These would be links from other webmasters who feel your content is so good, or so complete, or so…you get the picture. Try to write content that begs to get linked to! These types of links are the very best (to my way of thinking) and I think Google would agree with me! Also with this type of link it takes no effort on your part (after you write the piece of course), you just check your back links and ‘voila’ there they are!

One-way links from high quality, high page rank, sites in your niche-Not easy to come by (especially for new sites) but very powerful none the less! You can trade for them, buy them, or whatever, but if you can get them they can give your blog much needed link-juice, and can move you up the serps very quickly!

Article Marketing-This is becoming my favorite way to obtain back links for several reasons-you have complete control of the article title, content, keywords used, anchor text used, etc. The trick is to get to know your subject matter so well (become “the expert”) that you don’t need to research for your articles, you can just write them! You would be amazed at how quickly  you can turn them out. I’ve written five good 500-800 word articles in just a few hours! Articles, like a lot of things online is a “numbers game” the more the better, so your article marketing needs to be ongoing.

Write “guest posts” for other blogs in your niche-Try to choose high-quality, high PR sites and offer to write a high quality, unique guest post. You may be surprised to find a lot of “takers” out there. Of course you need a link or two in the guest post back to your site;o).

Build Blogger blogs, HubPages, Squidoo Lenses – These can supply link-juice to your main site, and may turn a profit themselves. If making money online is your goal (it’s mine) once you find a niche that is making you some money you just need to build more Internet real estate (web sites, blogs, articles, etc) in that niche! Become your own competition, and of course interlink to your other sources of related info.

Get listed in Blog Directories – Free for the most part, just takes some of your time to sign-up, but can give you a lot of back links.

Post in forums, and comment on blogs-Get involved in related forums and leave quality, helpful posts. Comment of related blogs in your niche especially if the links will be do-follow. Also look for blogs that have Keywordluv/Commentluv plugins.

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